Pangeanism by Fabio Barbieri-1st Place Winner



In the beginning, Humans created the Gods. We did so to explain the Great Mystery that is Life. In its infancy, a small tribe called Humanity swiftly came to be the Champion of Evolution. Now, in the age of globalization, Humanity has entered a phase of global civilization. We call it, Pangea.

Pangea is a tribe that exists between nations, like arteries connecting the organs of Humanity. It is made up of freethinking people who, connected in a global identity, are clustered in cosmopolitan communities centered around the School of Life; a place to gather, celebrate, share Life’s lessons, live to the fullest, and think independently .

Schools help Pangeans move freely among nations on their Pilgrimage to become Citizens of the World. Heroes of Humanity are celebrated on Earth’s Birthday (New Year’s). Pangeans are not bound by local culture, creed or origin. They are Free. They belong to Humanity, and Life Itself.

Some teachings of the School are:

We are the Universe that has become conscious of Itself. It is our purpose to give purpose.

All Life is sacred. Humanity is but a branch on the Tree of Life. All is connected.

Give thanks to what you eat. Today is a gift that you must not waste.

Life is an improbable miracle that exists in the bond between Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Taken from the ancestors’ paintings on cave walls, the flag of Humanity is a hand-print.

Your heart is a compass only you can read. It guides you towards the lessons of Life, the Master-Teacher.

Fight for Truth. Defeat Ignorance.

You see, although all that is Human, including these ideas, may come from our imagination, it’s what we choose that eventually makes up our reality. So, what kind of world do you want to live in?

Fabio Barbieri-Pangeanism-1st Place-02
By Fabio Barbieri


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