My YouTube Videos

Here you may view a small collection of videos I created to illustrate many of the essays I have written to express my philosophical and political views. Please enjoy, rate, and share. You may also visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel “The Forever All” at

Pantheism – The Forever All

This is an introduction video expressing some of the core ideas of my philosophical views. I believe the universe has always been here and always will be and that all things in the universe are ultimately connected. I believe that the universe is infinite and indestructible. I believe it is balanced and conserved.

How I Define The Universe as a Pantheist

This video describes how I define the universe from a pantheistic point of view.

Why I View The Universe As God

This video is a response to a video posted by LordImmolation, titled “Pantheism.” In his video he essentially asks pantheists and panentheists why view the universe as God? I also discuss some of my personal views on pantheism.

How I Became A Pantheist-Part 1 of 3

Part 1 of 3 of a mini-series where I discuss how I went from being a theist, to agnostic, to an atheist, and then finally to a pantheist. I also introduce a new term “panmeism” which I now use to convey the idea of being the universe.

How I Became A Pantheist-Part 2 of 3

In part 2, I discuss how even though I no longer considered myself to be a traditional theist, I started to view myself as spiritual atheist.

How I Became A Pantheist-Part 3 of 3

In part 3 of this series I explain how I was destine to become a pantheist based on my genetic predisposition, my education, my social up-bringing, my parents, and many other environmental factors. I also discuss praying.

Polyamory vs Monogamy

A brief video I created in response to DevidedIStand who asked me, “What do you think and feel about polyamory?” I discuss some of the differences I personally see between polyamory (relationships involving multiple lovers) and monogamy (relationship involving only one lover).

Capitalism vs Socialism–A Balanced Approach

A discussion about the pros and cons of both capitalism and socialism and how both systems, on their own and in their purest form, are doomed to fail. An explanation of why we need a careful balance between the two systems.

Democrats vs Republicans–Become a Centrist

An in depth comparison between the two most prominent political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, and a discussion on why everyone should move towards the center of the overall political spectrum to become a moderate or a centrist–not to be mistaken for an indecisive stance, but rather a stance towards needed balance that will in turn produce the best possible results for all governed people of any humane society.

About Me Tumblr: Guyus Seralius

This is a short video where I tell a little bit about myself, my likes and dislikes, my fears, my accomplishments, and some of my views. It will hopefully provide some in depth insight into my character and inner being to those who may be interested. To learn even more about me, you may read through my essays or view my other YouTube videos, and feel free to send me a friend request at

More coming soon 🙂


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