The Forever All

In my opinion . . .

CHAPTER 1: Defining The All–A Brief Introduction

Star Field by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

There is the All. The All is everything and every thing is of the All. It is a divine system with clockwork-like precision and order, which we are all a part of. It is the ultimate body, the ultimate mind, and the ultimate spirit. It is not the created, nor is it the destructible. It is the Supreme Being which has always been, is, and always will be. It is the law and it is the authority. It is what governs all things, including itself, yet it has no choice but to be what it is and to do what it does. That which is responsible for the existence of the All . . . is the All itself.

The All is also the ultimate contradiction, the ultimate paradox. It has substance, and yet it doesn’t. It moves, and yet it remains fixed. It is very old, and yet it is brand new. It is divided, and yet it is whole. It is singular, and yet it is infinite. Therefore, it is both good as well as evil, cruel as well as kind, beautiful as well as ugly, and painful as well as pleasant. At times it is frightening, though at times it is comforting. At times it hurts us, though at times it pleasures us. At times it gives life, though at times it takes it away. But overall, it remains conserved, unchanged, and completely balanced. Overall, it is the guiding force that pushes us towards a balanced path. Overall, it is responsible for our existence. Overall, it has meaning and it has purpose.

By Guyus Seralius — 1993-2005


I decided to start reading chapters of my book, The Forever All: A Philosophical and Spiritual Guide, where I discuss my views on pantheism, so I can eventually create an audiobook version. So in the next video, you will get to actually see and hear me reading Chapter 1: Defining The All–A Brief Introduction. Enjoy!

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