Sadness and Sorrow (Flute)

Here’s a video of me playing one of my favorite songs, “Sadness and Sorrow,” used in the Naruto series, which I taught myself how to play on the etude flute. Enjoy!

Below is the sheet music for the song “Sadness and Sorrow,” which I transcribed myself by ear, so it may not be exact. But it should be close enough as long as you’re not playing for Juilliard. šŸ™‚

I should mention that I personally prefer to play the second G note on the 3rd staff a little longer than it’s normally played and indicated in the sheet music. I also like to shorten the rest period at the beginning of the 3rd staff.

Sadness and Sorrow-Transcribed by Guyus Seralius


A short video on how to play the song “Sadness and Sorrow” on the recorder flute. Please excuse the poor audio, I forgot to change my older default mic to my newer high-tech one.


3 Responses to Sadness and Sorrow (Flute)

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  2. tharuka says:

    i think instead of f sharp u should add something else because lower f sharp doesnt work there but nice work it helped me so much. thank you.


  3. rukai says:

    The low C should be a B, but the flute you have can’t reach that note. Maybe play it up an octave? With the C it sounds a bit odd.


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