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In my view, the entire universe is the Supreme Being, an infinite, purposeful system of positive and negative forces which has always existed and always will, and each of us is that eternal being of light and darkness from our own unique point-of-view.

In this ebook, I discuss my personal pantheistic views like how the universe is the constant causation of all things, including your own existence, and that you are in truth The Forever All, the entire universe, all of reality, because everything is required in order for you to exist (in order for anything to exist), and because it is all, ultimately, connected into a single concert. You are the summation of all things, you are that single cosmic concert trying to perceive itself.

I also discuss how the universe, all of reality, is of the natural world and never of the supernatural and, overall, always remains balanced and conserved like the Yin-Yang. I discuss the importance of balance and how I believe it is the heart of the All and the secret of life. I discuss the needed balance between the atheists and the theists, between the capitalists and the socialists, between the Liberals and the Conservatives, and between the government and the governed. I also discuss how neither science nor religion, independent of the other, can adequately explain the world and how ultimate truth will only arise when the scientific thinkers join forces with the spiritual thinkers. I created this book as a philosophical and spiritual guide for all those seeking truth.  Inside, you will find several excerpts from my personal writings on metaphysics, science, technology, politics, and religion, along with samples of my artwork. (30 illustrations included).

I base all my views on what the universe has taught me so far, right or wrong, on all that I have learned in classrooms, books, magazines, television, family and friends, along with all my own personal life experiences and many hours of deep contemplation. For example, the scientific discovery and view that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed has helped me conclude that the universe has always existed and always will. I have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for science and the scientific method and believe it is one of the best approaches to predicting and understanding the world. However, I also have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for philosophical thought which aims  to be rooted in logic and reason and can help us to responsibly leap beyond the scientific data so as not to become lost in the numbers and the details. I always strive to remove my unfounded emotions and what I want or wish to be true from the equation and always struggle to discover the full truth of reality no matter how painful or disappointing certain aspects of our reality may be. I hope to share all my philosophical discoveries, so you may see it as I see it, both ugly and beautiful. The universe is a remarkable, awesome tapestry.

The Chapters You’ll Find Inside:


Preface: Welcome To My Thoughts!

CH 01: Defining the All—A Brief Introduction

CH 02: You are the All

CH 03: The Positive vs The Negative—The Yin and The Yang

CH 04: The Physical vs The Non-Physical

CH 05: Permanence vs Impermanence

CH 06: The Past vs The Future

CH 07: The Past and The Future vs The Present

CH 08: Science vs Religion

CH 09: Atheism vs Theism—P1: Why I am Somewhere in Between

CH 10: Atheism vs Theism—P2: My Search for God

CH 11: Evolution vs Creation

CH 12: Heaven vs Hell: Do They Exist?

CH 13: Pain vs Pleasure: Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

CH 14: Polyamory vs Monogamy

CH 15: Unity vs Division

CH 16: Independence vs Dependence

CH 17: Capitalism vs Socialism—P1: A Balanced Approach

CH 18: Capitalism vs Socialism—P2: Propaganda In a Classroom

CH 19: Democrats vs Republicans—Become a Centrist

CH 20: The Ideal Society

CH 21: Be Balanced

About Me, The Author

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2 Responses to My eBook

  1. The table of contents looks super interesting. If I ever run out of my mountain of unfinished books, I might come back for that one.


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