Solar Eclipse Sunlight and Shadows Through the Leaves

Here, in this short video clip, is an amazing array of shadows and sunlight casted and displayed, during the recent solar eclipse, as sunlight pierced through the tiny openings between the leaves of my pecan tree, producing thousands of copies of the moon passing in front of the Sun in the same way one views a solar eclipse using a pinhole projector.

Below I’ll post a few photos I took of this neat optical display of crescent lights and shadows, caused by sunlight piercing through the small spaces between the leaves of my pecan tree during the eclipse on August 21, 2017. I was really amazed by it!


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Come along with me, riding east to west, on a bike trail I ride at least 2 to 3 times a week during the spring and summer and occasionally in autumn, while listening to some beautiful classical music. It’s always a heavenly, spiritual experience!

Music Scores:

1. Silent Joy by Anugama

2. The Angels Weepby Audionautixis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

3. Canon in D Major by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

4. Fur Elise by Beethoven

If you’re interested in traveling this same trail, but in the opposite direction, west to east, and with a different set of beautiful, classical, music scores, then watch the video below.

Music Scores:

1. Americana – Aspiringby Kevin MacLeodis licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

2. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart

3. Prelude in C Major by Bach

4. Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 – Classical Whimsical by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

5. Fur Elise by Beethoven

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This is one of my very first song cover attempts. I get slightly off key in a few spots, but overall, I guess it’s not too bad for one of my first tries to sing and record a song. I’m just a beginner and have no desire to ever try to sing professionally. This is just a new hobby, just for fun, so please be kind. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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Drawing Emma Watson – Time-Lapse Speed Drawing

Here is a time-lapse version of the drawing I did of Emma Watson during a live stream on Google Hangouts. I managed to reduce close to 5 hours down to about 4.5 minutes, so everyone can easily enjoy the entire process more conveniently. The video quality starts out low (technical issues during live broadcast), but it soon clears up quite well. If you have the patience to watch the normal, longer, real-time versions (Part 1 & 2), they can be found at the end of this video. Switch to HD mode for best results. Enjoy!

I’ll also provide a high res image of the Emma Watson pencil sketch down below.

Hero’s Theme by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Music Artist:

#EmmaWatson #SpeedDrawing #TimeLapse #artwork #drawing #sketch #HarryPotteractor #twinmusicom #HerosTheme


Emma Watson by Guyus Seralius (pencil on paper) Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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One of the Best Star Wars Lightsaber Toys – My Product Review of Galaxy Warriors aka Space Swords

Here’s another YouTube video I made for all you Star Wars fans. In this video, I provide a product review on what I consider to be one of the best Star Wars lightsaber toys on the market for a very affordable price! I also provide a demonstration as to how they work, light up, and all their neat sound effects. This lightsaber toy is called Galaxy Warriors aka Space Sword (model no. 9992). They come in red, green, and blue. Not only do these lightsaber toys give me a good cardio workout, when I play with them for a while, but they also help me to tap into my inner child to stay playful and youthful and young at heart. May all you Star Wars fans enjoy this!

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Master Jedi Knight Yoda Star Wars Action Figure Product Review

Just a Product Review I did on a Yoda Action Figure I recently purchased off of Amazon. So for all you Star Wars fans, enjoy!

Okay, I really want to give a product review on this ‘loose’ Master Jedi Knight Yoda Star Wars action figure I recently purchased off of Amazon. It’s a really high quality, detailed resin figure for a really good price, and I even got free shipping on it. And it actually looks like the original Yoda, unlike many other resin figures, which is often the case with any resin or action figure depicting a certain well known character. But this one looks like the classic Yoda from the original episodes of the early 80’s, which is the Yoda I prefer, mainly since that’s the Yoda I grew up on.

It’s about 12 cm or 4 ½ inches tall. His cloak is made of actual cloth that was sewn together. It has a lot of bendable areas like the arms and legs (but the legs don’t move independently) and waist for positioning his posture and stance. At first I thought his head didn’t move side-to-side but it does. At first, I had to really put some muscle into moving it out of place. It may have been some dried paint or finish that had caused it to be a little stuck at first. But once I was able to twist it, then it became easier to move back and forth.

Now for some reason, his fingernails and toenails were painted glossy orange, which I hated. Yoda doesn’t have orange fingernails in any of the movies, not in the classic episodes or any of the newer ones. So that was the only downside. But I easily fixed it by sanding and painting his nails with some acrylic paint, which I show how to do in the video. I also show how I added some gray hairs onto his head, using Poly-Fibers, for added realism.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing this same figure, it was listed on Amazon as the following:

12cm Star Wars Jedi Knight Master Yoda Action Figure Collection toys

Sold by Global Good Service (formally known as GlobalHappy), in new condition for $11.99 dollars and free shipping, which is not too bad for this high quality action figure. This action figure may currently be unavailable from this particular seller, but there are several others online selling them for about the same price.

It also arrived at my door rather quickly, like in four to five days, so that was an added plus! But I can’t guarantee you’ll get yours that fast if you order one. It all depends on who you order it from.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do a traditional “unboxing” segment, because all he came in was this bubble wrap inside this white envelope (hence the name ‘loose’ action figure).

Now the reason I may have gotten him so cheap is because I think it was made in China. I didn’t know that when I had ordered him. But later on, when I looked at the packaging, I noticed it said “China Post.” But had I known, I would have looked for another vendor, because I’m always concerned about the possible harsh working conditions their workers face while making American products like the possibility of underage children working in sweatshops and so forth. I also don’t want to support the outsourcing of American jobs, so I usually first try to buy things locally unless I just can’t find a product in my city, state, or country. But if this does come from an American company that has set up shop over in China in order to avoid all the proper regulations and paying their fair share of taxes then shame on you!

*I did some more research and learned that this is from a 2015 loose action figure series put out by Disney. And yes, unfortunately made in China–darn!

*To find it, use these key words on Google, Amazon, or Ebay: 12cm Loose Disney Yoda Toy Star Wars Jedi Action Figure.

Anyway, I really love this little guy. It’s one of the best things I’ve purchased in a good while.

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My First 1000 YouTube Subscribers!

I just recently reached my first 1000 subscribers on YouTube! So here is a short video of me thanking all my subscribers, viewers, and fans for all the support they have shown me over the years. I also discuss some of the type of video content I hope to upload in the near future. Stay tuned and thank you all for your encouragement! It has meant a lot to me!

Links to My Other Sites:

Below, is an anime type cartoon illustration I made of myself for the end credits of this video. I’m posting it in its full high resolution, because a lot of its original detail was lost in the rendering of this video. I always wanted to draw an anime version of myself and finally found the time to do so, only I think this one may have come out looking a little too Disney-ish. If I ever find an opportunity to do another one, I will try to make it look a little more edgier and in a more Japanese anime-manga style.


“Blue Hoodie” by Guyus Seralius. Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved.


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New Header Art for My YouTube Channel


Here is a new header image I created in Photoshop for my YouTube channel at It’s another digital composition I created using some of my previous digital art, along with a more recent photo of me, expressing my view that each of us is the summation of all things, that you and I are the universe, that it’s all one interconnected concert of energy. The All is the cause of all things and no one thing can ever be truly separate or independent of the All. You are The All.

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92Y in Search of a New Religion and Genius

7 Days of Genius-New Religion-Banner

In early February of 2016, an organization known as the 92nd Street Y or simply 92Y, led by Jewish principles, held a series of challenges as part of its 7 Days of Genius campaign. Among them was a challenge to create a new religion, which is the main focus of this article, because that was the challenge I got drawn into applying for and competing in. Below is how the challenge was listed and read as follows:


92Y and On Being invite you to imagine a religious or philosophical framework that cuts across boundaries, strengthens our sense of community and acts as a force for good. Design a framework for a new belief system — or a reimagining of an existing belief system — and share it with us.”

For me, it all started when I came across a Facebook post from an online acquaintance and friend, Poffo Ortiz, describing his interest in this new contest and/or challenge for a new religion. He had come across it from another online acquaintance of ours, J. Pierre Reville, who later went on to win third place! I normally don’t enter my artistic or literary work into these type of contests for a variety of reasons; the main one being that art and literature are usually such subjective creations that are really difficult to fairly weigh and measure. Too often the people who should win don’t and those who shouldn’t do. But I decided to go ahead and enter the contest to help publicize my personal pantheistic views and to help put pantheism and other newer-aged views into the public spotlight.

Each contestant was first asked to submit an original essay no longer than 300 words, supply an image that best represented their idea, and then campaign to gain as many Facebook LIKES as possible. The highest number of Facebook LIKES would determine six semi-finalists, who would later be asked to provide optional supplemental material (a second essay up to 2 pages long) to describe their idea in more detail. Both essays from all six semi-finalists would then be evaluated by a panel of ‘distinguished’ judges to determine three final winners. The 1st Place winner wins a grand cash prize of $5,000 USD, the 2nd Place winner wins $2,000 USD, and the 3rd Place winner will be awarded $1,000 USD.

Now keep in mind, in order to become a semi-finalist, one has to gain a huge number of Facebook LIKES from friends and family as well as any others who might come across the link one provides in his or her Facebook posts to attract viewers towards his or her essay. This was a huge disadvantage for me, because I was only using my second Facebook account (under my pen name or online alias), which I use to express my philosophical and political views and which most of my friends and family don’t even know about, instead of using my original one which I’ve always used for more personal postings for my family and friends that I grew up with.  I prefer to keep those two worlds somewhat separate. Though, I do allow them to overlap on occasion. Anyway, my public account doesn’t yet have a large enough following to rely on for competing LIKES, so I caught on pretty quickly that I was going to have to go beyond my Facebook network and use my YouTube and WordPress account to campaign if I wanted to stay in the race. I had posted information about the contest and a link to my essay to many of my YouTube videos and WordPress articles, which get a lot of incoming traffic, so most of the LIKES I received came from complete strangers passing by (dominantly from France and India) and not friends, subscribers, and followers, although they definitely did help. So for me, it all worked out quite nicely. In fact, thanks to all the support I got, I received the highest number of Facebook LIKES/votes out of all 329 entries! When the voting ended, I had over 3,800 LIKES, the highest by far! This not only placed a nice little feather in my cap, it placed me as one of the six semi-finalists, so a big THANK YOU to all those who voted and LIKED my essay! I’ll provide a link to my essays down below.

As I mentioned earlier, for the second part of the contest, the semi-finalists were asked to provide another essay (up to 2 pages) describing and expressing their ideas in more detail. Unfortunately, this second part of the contest was decided by a panel of judges who seemed to have focused more on the option of a “new religion” (a religious structure of worship involving organizing methods, scheduled ceremonies, rituals, and so forth) and not so much on a “new philosophical framework” or “belief system” as they had originally described the contest. I remember being concerned about this in the beginning. I mean a new religion and a new philosophical framework are really two very different things—like comparing apples to oranges—and really should have been kept as two separate challenges. Based on the final winning essays, it seems evident that the judges did, indeed, place far less importance on any philosophical contributions, which many contestants focused on. This of course is their right. I just wish they had better clarified what it was they were looking for and emphasized the importance of organizational structure of religious worship. I admit, my essay definitely fell short in that department. I only included one small paragraph (I think my shortest paragraph) discussing possible ideas for ceremonies, rituals, or spiritual celebrations. I simply had no interest in designing a new religious structure of worship, not even a little bit. I was way more interested in providing a new philosophical framework or roadmap that could help many better understand the world and in turn would hopefully help many improve the world. To me, a new philosophical framework seemed more noble, more virtuous, more worthy, more valued, and more needed. I mean the last thing this world needs is a new organized religion trying to encapsulate a collection of unnecessary, overly detailed views and rituals, right? Most organized religions are like a hollowed Fabergé egg (jeweled egg). They’re very pretty and ornate on the surface but lack any real worth or substance underneath all that decoration. You would think the 92Y would have taken cues from all the essays submitted by all the contestants—if they had read them. After having read many of them, myself, it was quite clear that most of the contestants cringed at the idea of having a new organized religion formed, involving complicated rituals, highly scheduled services, and especially any mythical or supernatural elements that could prove problematic, and instead chose to focus on a new philosophical framework or reimagining old ones. But, if one is going to take the ‘new religion’ approach, then the selected winners does make more sense.


Pangeanism-Thumbnail 1st Place Winner – Pangeanism by Fabio Barbieri

I had a chance to read the first essay submitted by the 1st Place winner, Fabio Barbieri, and I thought it was a good choice. He had expressed both a little organizing and teaching structure, involving schools that would be made available around the world, as well as listed some worthy principles to live by—most of which were very similar to the guiding principles I had listed in my Cosmic Commandments.

Click here to read his essay


Paleolithic Bear Cult-Thumbnail 2nd Place Winner – Paleolithic Bear Cult by Corwen Brock

I hate to criticize any particular entry, but the Paleolithic Bear Cult (to my surprise and the surprise of others) actually won second place. I was so disappointed in the 92nd Street Y organization for selecting it as one of the final winners. In my opinion, it is one of the worst examples to pass for a new religion! If you read the essays submitted by Corwen Broch, who represented this cult, they mainly discuss member gatherings to conduct mock hunts, the feasting on meat (symbolizing bear meat), and performing rituals celebrating and worshipping the bear. Were the judges serious with this selection? This was such a slap in the face to all those who worked really hard to present and campaign way better and more meaningful ideas! Please don’t misunderstand, I appreciate bears (and animals in general) and am not against eating meat as long as the animals are raised and/or killed as humanely as possible and as long as the meat is truly needed, and this cult may involve friendly people who know how to have a good spiritual time, and Corwen’s essays may be well expressed, but using this particular interest in bears for the foundation of a new religion is simply shameful and ridiculous! I don’t know how this panel of “distinguished” judges were selected, but that may have been the worst mistake on the part of the 92Y. The organizers of this competition clearly failed to inform the judges that they are allowed to look beyond the superficial appearance of religious activities and rituals and focus more on the more meaningful essence of the philosophy their framework expresses and teaches. What ‘notable’ progress can be made by worshipping the bear? Where are the valuable life lessons in its doctrines or practices other than hunting skills and archaic ways of worshiping nature? Where is the meaningful philosophy to truly better mankind? How does worshipping the bear truly help to move mankind forward in any appreciable way? Ugh! Please tell me the panel of judges made this selection at gunpoint, possibly by the Bear Cult! However, when I saw that the Bear Cult took second place, it sort of took the sting out of my not placing as a finalist, because it seemed to prove that the panel of judges mainly consisted of those who were intellectually blind to anything of real substance or who were simply not genuinely interested in taking the time to wrestle with any deep philosophical concepts that could benefit mankind on both a spiritual level as well as an intellectual one, so it discredited their judgement in my eyes. They obviously couldn’t see a good thing staring them right in the face, such as the entries provided by Poffo Ortiz, Jay Pierre Reville, and myself. They had three way better options to choose from for second place but foolishly and stupidly chose the Paleolithic Bear Cult, instead—wow! It also turns out that the Paleolithic Bear Cult and Corwen Brock, the member who submitted its entry, are not even legal residences of the United States, which was against the official rules (stipulation no. 3). The 92Y either missed this or chose to overlook it or found grounds to dismiss this technicality altogether. Oh well, they now have $2,000 U.S. dollars to buy lots of camping equipment and plenty of guns and bullets to go on real bear hunts. Please know that I’m not saying this bear cult holds absolutely no spiritual value or worth (I’m sure it does, especially for a rare breed of worshippers), but in my view, it simply falls short of serving as a reasonable or worthy foundation for a new religion that most people could appreciate or be drawn to and certainly falls short of a new philosophical framework.

Click here to read his essays


3rd Place Winner—The Avant-God Progressive Fellowship of Infinite Divinity
by J. Pierre Reville

Jay Pierre’s essay, which won 3rd place, was another good choice in terms of creating a new religion as I described above. He did a really nice job of designing a very unique and creative method for how members could come together every seven years to democratically create their own mythical illustrated interpretations of life, existence, the universe, and God; a new mythology that is not meant to be taken too seriously or too literally. Ideally, it would help many gather to form and celebrate new ideas. He writes that AGPFID would “continue the age-old mystic tradition of using mythology to cultivate non-dual awareness of the Oneness of the universe, but would introduce a democratic, grassroots element to the process of myth-creation.” He described it very well in his second essay when he explained that his new religion is “a cohesive and comprehensive channel of expression for spiritual experience that magnifies both unity and diversity.” So in his essays, he speaks of the value that can be found in responsible myth creations, oneness, empathy, moral development, social togetherness, and expresses pantheistic ideas and principles. He put a lot of time and energy into crafting this new religion and deserves recognition for his efforts and originality.

In a private 3-way Facebook conversation, our friend Poffo wrote, “Yes, Jay’s extremely thorough, comprehensive and original. He gave us a snapshot of what the religion of the future could look like, really creative and thought-provoking, very detailed and specific. Mine was much more generalized and although I included some ideas about rituals and methods of practice and observance, he dedicated most of his supplemental to these ideas and laid them out in vivid detail.”

Jay definitely has a keen mind. I don’t base this strictly on his essays for this competition. I’ve read many of his words before in the past and can confidently say he is well read, intelligent, and deserves a lot of praise.

Click here to read his essays


Close But No Cigar

This contest came close to getting it right, in terms of finding a streamlined method of organizing people who want to express their spiritual side in a safe ambiguous way, but did fail to properly recognize many who clearly deserved it. In my opinion, along with the opinion of other contestants (even Jay Pierre who won third place) the 92Y did a poor job of conducting this contest. Putting aside multiple competition date errors (the day voting was to end and the day winners were to be announced) and putting aside the failure to adequately communicate to all the contestants who had placed as a semi-finalist or later as a winner (there was a lot of unnecessary secrecy which had caused most contestants and even semi-finalists to remain clueless until well past the public announcements, and because no one was given clear information as to where the announcements were being posted), they did everything backwards or did the exact opposite of what they should have done. First, instead of using Facebook LIKES to determine six semi-finalists, they should have had their panel of judges read all the initial short essays and select the six semi-finalists, then let their own Facebook audience decide the final winners by the number of LIKES they give each one, so all could be held equal to give all participants an equal chance. The reason this makes more sense and is more justified is because most of the entries that made it to the top were those which already had a preexisting following. Family, friends, members, subscribers and followers tend to lend their support towards something, whether it’s good or not, just to be nice or kind or supportive. So at first, it was basically a contest of who had the most family and friends, which many of us (myself included) didn’t have a whole lot of access to tap into. I’m assuming one of the main reasons the 92Y organization chose to do it the way they did was because they were taking advantage of a built-in Facebook voting mechanism that helps to draw in a lot of traffic towards one’s Facebook Page or cause. That’s what the 92Y gets out of this exchange; a lot of new traffic and Page Likes from viewers directed to their FB Page thanks to all the contestants campaigning and trying to promote their essay entry. There was a mutual consensus among the contestants I had a chance to talk with that there were many other far more deserving essays that truly belonged higher up at the top but never really saw the light of day simply because they did not have a ready-made network or following in place. Only those contestants who already had a sizable following or had access to high viewer traffic, including myself, were able to make it to the top (regardless of how good our first essay actually was or wasn’t) due to tough campaigning and preexisting support from followers and subscribers. Again, that’s not to say that many of our essays weren’t worthy. Many of them were, and I’d like to think mine was one of them. But the fact still remains that there were very many essay entries that simply did not belong at the top and many that did not belong at the bottom. Many potential geniuses remained hidden in the dark!

It Takes One to Know One


Leonardo da Vinci

In many ways, it often takes a genius to know a genius or a group of geniuses to recognize a group of geniuses. The 92Y did set out to discover unknown geniuses that may be hidden among the vast population. On their website at it reads,

“Mark Twain once said, ‘Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered, either by themselves or by others.’ 7 Days of Genius is committed to uncovering some of the truly exceptional, intelligent and creative people in the world who might otherwise be missed: those dreamers who helped change the world with unwavering determination and groundbreaking ideas and those unsung thinkers and innovators who are currently generating the genius ideas that will change the world of tomorrow.”

To bluntly put it, the 92Y did a poor job of discovering genius. One of the main reasons it’s hard to discover true genius is because geniuses are too often not running things at the top nor in a position to judge others. Geniuses tend to be the more reclusive, submissive, passive, introverted types that often remain hidden in the shadows. That’s one of life’s little ironies. It’s usually the more egoic, flamboyant, extraverted types who run things at the top, people like Donald Trump who are the opposite of genius. See what the universe did there? It’s that Yin-Yang thing again, that law of compensation to preserve universal balance. Historical geniuses like Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Spinoza, and many others went largely unnoticed during their own time because they were sadly surrounded by ignorance, people who were not intelligent or wise enough to spot the work of a genius. They simply weren’t equipped with those skills. Too often, discovering genius is like placing a stack of books into a cage of monkeys. The monkeys will likely choose the books with the really colorful, flashy covers, fantastically illustrated pages, and gold-leafed edges to toss around and play with, even though they may lack inner intellectual quality, and pass up such works like Hamlet or Gone with the Wind if bounded in boring covers that are not as highly decorated. Monkeys aren’t too interested in the fine detailed text of books or their meaning only the broad, loud, illustrative colors on their surface. And please don’t think I am trying to proclaim myself as a genius, since I, myself, am a very introverted, passive, and reclusive person. I will leave that entirely up to all others to determine for themselves. Not all introverts are geniuses, but most geniuses are usually introverts. Though, I will admit that I am quite proud of my philosophical views and of my work expressing those views and would like to think many others would be, too.

I think the old expression “sometimes less is more,” really applies here. I think I and others would have had a far better chance of winning had we kept it more simple, lite, and vague, mixed in with a good dose of organizational structure, because that seemed to be the common denominator among the final winners. The judges apparently weren’t looking for anything too intense, too reactionary, or too specific, deep, or philosophically detailed. They were looking for something easy, safe, and fun like an impressionistic landscape painting painted in broad strokes of color that most would enjoy from a distance or at a quick glance and which most would find difficult to disagree with or frown upon. 

I wasn’t too disappointed that I didn’t win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (although that would have been nice), because I never allow myself to have too high of expectations. That’s the stoic in me (a self-defense mechanism I developed as I got older). I was very happy to have placed as the top semi-finalist and to have won the popular vote (by the people). Also, the time and energy I spent writing my 2-page essay wasn’t a total loss, either, because I had been meaning to write a synopsis of all my philosophical views, a kind of Reader’s Digest, and so this contest encouraged me to finally take the time to write up the main pillars of all my philosophical views which was long overdue. All in all, it was a fun and exciting experience.

What was beautiful and wonderful was the fact that most of the essays submitted in this contest mainly discussed a common theme of interconnectedness, how all is one, and how we should all be good to one another and to nature. It’s nice to know that most can agree on those few but very meaningful ideas. Aside from that, nearly all of the essays remained quite vague like an impressionistic painting but lacked any religious, organizational structure. There were only a small handful who dug a little deeper and who genuinely tried to provide a framework that held any real substance. I will list some of my favorite entries, below, and will provide links to their essays for you to read if you’re interested.

A FEW OF MY FAVORITE ENTRIES, in terms of a new ‘philosophical framework,’ along with my own. I won’t include any of my favorite entries regarding a new religion, since that contest has essentially already been covered.

***In Alphabetical Order***


Biopantheism-Thumbnail Biopantheism by Poffo Ortiz (semi-Finalist)

Biotheism-Thumbnail Biotheism by Peter Moriarty

Panmeism-Thumbnail Panmeism by Guyus Seralius (semi-finalist)

Pantheism-Thumbnail Panthesim by Charles Beebe

Scientific Pantheism-Thumbnail Scientific Pantheism by Paul Harrison


Debra A. Wintsmith-EARTHFELLOW Click here for a few more of my personal favorite entries.


Anyway, feel free to read any or all of the original 329 entries/short essays by visiting the link below and judge for yourself. The first 6 in the list represent the semi-finalists in the order of LIKES received.


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PANMEISM: A New Philosophical Framework

Guyus Seralius


Copyright © 2016
Here, within this article, I present the main pillars of all my philosophical views which I have spent my entire life discovering and piecing together. I will share a brief summary of them, below.
I think it is safe to say that all possible, broad, philosophical concepts have already been conceived of by mankind at one point or another in our history—often more than once—for these are eternal truths which have the habit of cropping up in the minds of men, again and again. So the broad philosophical ideas discussed within this essay or anyone else’s are very likely nothing new. Although, there are many age-old ideas that are relatively new in the overall view of man’s history and completely new in the minds of most modern men. However, I hope to present to you my unique bouquet of beliefs that I think go quite well together and which can be thought of as a new philosophical framework for a new belief system to facilitate a new way of life for most.
I should first explain that I base all my views on what the universe has taught me so far, on all that I have learned from classrooms, books, magazines, television, family and friends, along with all my own personal life experiences and many hours of deep contemplation. For instance, the scientific discovery that matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed has helped me conclude that the universe has always existed and always will. I have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for science and the scientific method and believe it is one of the best approaches to predicting and understanding the world. However, I also have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for philosophical thought which aims to be rooted in logic and reason and can help us to responsibly leap beyond the scientific data so as not to become lost in the numbers and the details. I hope to share all my philosophical discoveries with others, so they may see it as I see it. The universe is a remarkable, awesome thing!
My views can best be described as a branch or subset of pantheism; the view that the entire universe is God or that which is the constant causation of our existence. It is also a form of dialectic or dualistic monism, which is the view that all of reality is ultimately a unified whole but must express itself in dualistic terms (often depicted by the Yin-Yang symbol) like two sides of the same coin. My views have often been compared to those of Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Giordano Bruno, Baruch Spinoza, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Alan Watts, and Eckhart Tolle. Growing up, I was greatly influenced, in passing, by Eastern philosophy and became interested in many of the classic Greek philosophers. So some of my views are similar, but not limited to, Plato’s Ideal Forms, Emmerson’s law of compensation, the scientific law of conservation, and Eastern views like the law of attraction, reincarnation, karma, and Buddha’s middle way.
Panmeism is a word I created to express my own personal tailored views of pantheism. The term literally means ‘all me’ or all is me. At its core, it expresses the view that each can view him or herself to be the infinite universe, because it requires the whole universe in order to exist. Nothing can exist outside the All, nor be independent of it. All things are ultimately interconnected, all is one, and all is balanced. In my view, it’s a belief system that many are naturally moving towards, more and more, these days. It includes many common core themes found in most religions and philosophies and welcomes and embraces people of all racial and cultural backgrounds and of most faiths and philosophies as long as their views and practices don’t prove to be harmful or intolerable.
Here are the main pillars of my personal philosophical views which may serve as a new philosophical framework.
1. The universe and all of reality is the Supreme Being. They are completely one and the same. It is the ultimate body and the ultimate mind. It is the most profound system, the most awesome tapestry. It is the constant causation of our existence and the existence of everything else. It is the law and it is the authority that governs all things, including itself.
2. The universe has always existed and always will. It is eternal in the same way the mathematical construct 1 + 2 = 3 is eternal, or the three sided triangle, or the color wheel, or the music scales, or the golden ratio. These concepts truly have no beginning nor an end. They couldn’t have evolved, or been invented by man, or created by any god or some first time big bang event. They are truly eternal. From the perceiver’s point-of-view, the universe is like one cosmic conveyor belt, whereby portions are constantly being created or constructed, while other areas are being destroyed or deconstructed. Like the ocean that is always moving and changing, from an observer’s view, yet still remains to be the ocean.
3. The universe must be exactly as it always has been, is, and always will be. The universe is not all powerful or capable of doing whatever it wants. It has no choice but to be what it is and to do what it does. Thus, there was never any allowance for a ‘Designer’ or ‘Creator’ to choose how the world could be. A creator could never have ‘chosen’ to make the world any other way. A designer could not have made the world without liquids and gases or made 1 + 2 = 6. The pi of every circle must always equal 3.14. All things must be the way they are. The universe is unfolding exactly as it was always meant to unfold and will continue to do so. All is perfectly ordered. Even the disorder, as it is perceived by us perceivers, is part of the overall order. It is not something that is accidental or serendipitous. Even great works like Romeo and Juliet are part of its fabric.
4. The universe is infinite in its physical distribution, yet cyclic. If a yellow butterfly could venture out far enough it would eventually emerge from a yellow butterfly. If you could venture in any direction, including deep within any particle, you would eventually run into a very similar version of yourself. The universe operates like a cosmic set of barbershop mirrors, reflecting repeated patterns of itself, infinitely. However, the possibilities are finite. For example, 3 x 4 can never = 8. A life form can never be made only of water from the perceiver’s point-of-view. Big bangs and big crunches have and do occur throughout the infinite universe in a cyclic fashion like an infinite, frothing, cosmic, bubble bath. You may refer to it as a multiverse, involving parallel worlds and sub worlds, but it is all a part of the overall uni-verse.
5. The briefest, yet most meaningful synopsis of the universe, of life, of God is the Positive and the Negative, the Yin and the Yang. Understand these two most fundamental forces and how they interact and you will be very close to understanding the theory of everything. The universe is the ultimate contradiction, the ultimate paradox. It has substance, yet it doesn’t. It moves, yet it remains fixed. It is very old, yet it is brand new. It is divided, yet it is whole. It is singular, and yet it is infinite. It is both cruel as well as kind, beautiful as well as ugly, and painful as well as pleasant. At times it is frightening, though at times it is comforting. At times it hurts us, though at times it pleasures us. At times it gives life, though at times it takes it away. Unfortunately, we will always have to contend with its negative half. The good news is we will always have its good side, too! I strongly believe there is a profound meaning and purpose to it all and an inherent goodness, which can never be destroyed. Unfortunately, I believe there is also an inherent darkness, which too can never be destroyed. There can’t be one without the other. But, ultimately, these two forces remain conserved and balanced.
6. The universe, overall, is and will forever remain perfectly balanced and conserved. However, from the perceiver’s perspective, the world is often seen to be very out of balance, for perfect equilibrium can never be achieved or experienced from the perceiver’s limited point-of-view. The reason for this is because all perceivers are forced to experience the world in a limited fashion. We are not capable of experiencing or perceiving all aspects of the infinite All, simultaneously. We cannot hear every sound, see every grain of dust, or feel every substance of the universe, all at once. If we were somehow able to experience that absolute, perfect balance, all would be like a dull, boring, homogeneous soup, where nothing interesting ever happens. Therefore, we are forced to experience the world in an endless series of imbalances.
Since all perceiving minds must experience the world in an undulating manner between the extremes, we must experience gains and losses. We each take turns being winners and losers. Thus, we must experience the law of compensation, which states that for every gain there is a loss, and for every loss there is a gain. For instance, if a girl’s outer appearance is perceived by most to be ugly, then it will likely cause her to become beautiful on the inside. The opposite is true, too, meaning a girl is likely to be a shallow person with a huge ego as a result of her outer beauty. This is not a permanent condition. This is nature’s way of compensating and maintaining balance. It’s what provides the fuel for proper change towards equilibrium. The beautiful girl with an ugly inner core will be treated accordingly by many, possibly even by her own friends and family, forcing her to increase the beauty of her heart and pay less attention to her external looks and, thus, become a more well balanced person. Unattractive people as well as attractive people both get balanced out by life sooner or later. The universe will never allow anyone to be one hundred percent perfect. It always takes a pile of dirt to grow a rose! So everyone will always have their equal share of dirt, and everyone will, sooner or later, be fairly compensated and paid in full for all their suffering. The universe is the great equalizer.
7. The universe embodies natural laws which include a moral and ethical code of conduct that is universal, unchangeable, and eternal. I refer to these eternal guiding principles as The Cosmic Commandments, which you may view by clicking the following link:
Although I actually chose and wrote down the specific words to personally express them, I am not the true author of those eternal principles; I merely discovered them through personal experience and deep contemplation, for they have in essence always existed and always will. They can essentially be found throughout the universe on any developed planet, where civilized men are allowed to evolve and advance themselves. They are universal and timeless.
In essence, the universe uses a variety of ways to urge us towards a very balanced path. Though, at times, it does this with amazing cruelty and can be quite unforgiving. Sadly, the universe always punishes us and corrects our behavior by its own natural laws when we try to reach towards the extremes. For instance, if we become too selfish then the universe, by its own natural laws, responds in a way so as to reverse our greedy behavior like causing us to lose friends who have been taught by the universe to hate selfish behavior. If we are too giving, then again, the universe will respond in such a way that pushes our excessive behavior back into balance, such as allowing others to take advantage of us when we are too generous. In this way, the universe, as a whole, provides guidance to all living things.
We should strive towards balance in most aspects of our lives. We need to find a healthy balance between work and play, between excessive wealth and poverty, between rules and freedom, between competition and cooperation, between public and private, between independence and dependence. Those who walk a balanced path increase their chances that the universe will respond in a kinder, more balanced, harmonious way. If there is a secret to life, it is and will forever be, balance.
8. We are each doing as the universe dictates. The universe governs all things. It is the ultimate puppet master pulling all the strings. In one sense, we do have free will. We get to choose among the available options that which pleases and fulfills us. However, somewhat paradoxically, we don’t get to choose that which stimulates us to choose the way we choose. A cow will always choose to chew on grass instead of mud, a rabbit will always feel like thumping its foot on occasion, a cricket will always be inspired to rub its legs together on a humid night, honeybees will always be motivated to suckle nectar and to unknowingly spread pollen from flower to flower, and humans will always behave like humans.
9. You are the All, an infinite purposeful system of positive and negative forces, trying to perceive itself, trying to understand itself, and trying to know itself. But you are not alone. You are actually in infinite company. I too am the All, so is your neighbor, and so is the smallest housefly. But you are the All from your own special position in time and space. This position allows you to forever remain unique. But in a deeper sense, at our core, we are all the same. We all have our moments of fear, moments of jealousy, moments of embarrassment, moments of anger, and thankfully, moments of pure joy! So there is your Local Self, that version of you that likely moves around in a vessel of human flesh, it changes, grows, ages, and will die; and then there is your Cosmic Self, that version of you that is full, complete, conserved, and eternal. In one sense, you are like a single leaf upon an infinite cosmic tree, but in another equally real sense, you are the entire infinite cosmic tree, for it is all ultimately connected into a single concert, an ocean of energy, and you are the summation of all things. You are the personification of the All, and therefore, the personification of God, The Supreme Being.
10. There is no escaping the eternal flame that is the cosmos. The mind of each perceiving being can never be fully extinguished, for it is part of a never ending continuum. Our mind will move from one life to the next, forever and ever. We will eventually lose our memories and our identity, but the universe will remind us from time-to-time who and what we really are—The Forever All. We will experience all the highs and all the lows, we will continue to have moments of great suffering as well as moments of incredible pleasure, and all those in between. Where exactly these moments crop up no one will ever know for sure. We will continue to undulate between degrees of consciousness and degrees of unconsciousness, between deep sleep and great awareness. I believe we all take turns playing each and every role in the wheel of life from the eagle that soars up high to the jellyfish that swims deep below. We will each continue to take turns being squashed as the nastiest bug as well as becoming the greatest king who rules over an epic kingdom during many years of peace.
Many question whether or not Heaven and Hell actually exist. In my view, Heaven is where ever and whenever one can find it. Heaven is not a permanent place, but a state of mind, a state of being. When you die, no matter how good of a person you are, there’s no such place you can go to live happily ever after. I wish that was true, but it’s impossible to obtain uninterrupted eternal bliss forever and ever, because we all have to have moments of pain in order to have moments of pleasure. You can’t permanently have one without the other, for they define each other. One has to be hungry before he or she can experience the pleasure of being filled. A door has to be closed before it can be opened. The same can be said for Hell. No matter how bad of a person you may be, you will not go to a place to burn and suffer forever and ever, non-stop. Life is always part pain and part pleasure. If you are having a very pleasurable moment, then you are in a heavenly state, regardless of geography. If you are experiencing a moment of extreme suffering, then you are in a state of hell. So it’s not a good idea to wait until you die to visit Heaven. Try to appreciate the joyous moments in your life, now, while you can, as long as it is not at the cruel expense of others and as long as you have truly earned it or truly deserve it.
11. Man was not meant to live completely free and independent like an island unto himself. We need each other and must learn how to live together and be interdependent. This panmeistic view that all is connected and interrelated could aid many to realize we must all be mindful of the environment and of one another as one interconnected family. I believe panmeistic views and practices could help save the world from destroying itself. I also deeply believe we the people should come together to create our own communities within or nearby our own cities, not to be completely isolated or segregated from the current system but to merely serve as a more communal alternative that would allow many to voluntarily live as mankind was intended, where we work together to grow most of our own foods, make most of our own products, and provide most of our own services as much as possible, instead of focusing on profiting off the naive, the desperate, the imprisoned, the sick, and the dying. It would help citizens band together all over the world to influence their own local governments, to pool their own resources, to collectively start their own co-op businesses, to set up their own insurance systems, to provide their own healthcare and legal services, to form their own schools and community shopping centers, and so on. These local communities would hopefully rise up in every city of every nation to push back all the political and corporate corruption and greed that is spreading like a cancer and which is destroying our world. Although some needed change may come from the top, I believe real change must come from the ground up, and I’m confident it will. Panmeism expresses that we are all a part of the same family whether we like it or not. What affects one, ultimately, affects all others. Therefore, I believe it is time to get rid of the outdated view that “It’s every man for himself,” and adopt the more reasonable, effective, and compassionate view that it’s “All for one and one for all.”
In terms of any holidays and celebrations related to panmeism, it would be welcomed and even encouraged to celebrate the birthdays of certain prominent historical figures, such as those who are viewed to be responsible thinkers and spiritual leaders, whose words and/or actions have helped the human race progress in some way, to participate in existing holidays like Earth Day and World Humanitarian Day, which are both already a global observance. I’ve also advocated for years that Christmas should become a day of spiritual celebration for all those of any and all religions as well as no religion. Any earth-friendly activities like planting a tree on the same month and year one’s child is born or anything that is viewed by most to be environmentally positive is appreciated. Marriages and other relationship bonding ceremonies may be performed by any fellow panmeist (one who agrees with the philosophical pillars of panmeism and strives to abide by the Cosmic Commandments).
I’ve come to realize that neither science nor religion, independent of the other, can provide a satisfactory explanation to our existence and the existence of the world. I believe ultimate truth will arise only when the scientific thinkers join forces with the spiritual thinkers. Yes, the world can be viewed as a mechanical thing, but at the same time, it is an awesome, divine thing, which ultimately goes beyond full understanding.
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