More New Religion Competition Favorites

I haven’t yet had a chance to read all of the essays that were recently submitted in the
92Y New Religion Challenge, but the ones I posted below (in no particular order) are some of my favorites among the many I have read. Also, I may not agree with everything these contestants wrote in their essays, but they do come very close to matching my own views and are worthy of a new philosophical framework for a new religion contest.

Jiri C-One Energy

How is this achieved? There are as many paths as there are religions, as any new religion draws on those before it. Our love must be not only a humble acceptance of what is, but an eagerness to appreciate it as well, whether it be light or darkness. We must recognize God, the primary object of our love in many religions, as the ineffability of all that exists, having within itself the myriad of conflicts and contradictions on which we cast our moral judgments. Having made this peace with both the good and evil within ourselves and God, we will be free to choose good. A religion must never deny evil where evil is present, for all that exists is both.

The cultural trappings of one’s prior religion, such as holidays, identity, and matters of personal conscience, would be permitted and not discouraged. A religion of the 21st century will assume some moral competency on the part of its practitioner, as matters of right and wrong require only the most cursory grasp of social responsibility, and it is not the place of a religion to regulate the behavior of its constituents. It is the place of religion to empower them spiritually, and a mature spirituality must accept both the good and evil which flow from the same hand.


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