Biotheism by Peter Moriarty

Peter Moriarty-Biotheism

Biotheism is not a new religion, it represents a word for a truth that has woven itself through the history of all religion—it can already be found throughout our symbolic systems in the forms of animals, plants, fungi, and all the living beings who inhabit our outer and inner worlds, and which we hold in reverence or awe within our collective consciousness.

Biotheism seeks to unite all that can be called noble, all that can be seen as vital under one inclusive heading; for what can be more noble, inclusive or vital than for Life to understand and revere Life Itself? What can be more valid than to say it has always been our biology which unites us in purpose, and moral fiber with all that surrounds us? To see life — thriving life — as the highest value, and health as the primal impetus behind all our Earthly moral systems, is to only give due deference to that which we already hold to be scientifically and spiritually valid…

Care for each other and the Earth are the true measurements of the good Biotheist. We celebrate the key birthdates and life achievements of our scientific and artistic luminaries, but also the natural rhythms of our seasons and celestial convergences. Artists, healers and storytellers hold our highest offices. Biotheists seek to leave a light footprint, and to do so adhere to deep-ecological, and biocentric ethics, promoting Permaculture, and green solutions to endemic problems. We seek to endorse popular memes, language and systems to engage the wider public, such as the “SCOSH” dietary guideline… an acronym for “Sustainable, Compassionate, Organic, Socially-Responsible and Healthy.” Rituals include celebratory remembrances/festivals given regularly to our ancestors and all beings who have sacrificed for our well-being, and acknowledgement of our collective natural heritage.

By Peter Moriarty


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  1. tiggysagar says:

    How can the universe be God when there are other universes?

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