Biopantheism by Poffo Ortiz-Semi-Finalist


His first essay:

The Philosophy (a religion of reality):

“Biopantheism” is a modern, philosophy/belief system, that specifically focuses on Life, living organisms and all of the complex and subtle biological aspects of Nature. It is a practical, codification of Pantheism that centers around the idea of an immanent, emergent divinity, manifesting and expressing Itself through all life forms and coming into personal awareness and coherence presently, through us. It espouses an ontology that is strictly based on logic, reason and the laws of cause and effect, as evidenced through observable science, biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics, microbiology and psychology.

Evolution and human progress are key factors in this philosophy, along with the unification and cohesion of our species as one collective whole, through altruism, benevolence, mutual respect and love—with the ultimate goal being, to promote morally conscious, upright and healthy human beings, who exhibit a higher quality of thinking, with a particular importance placed on education, inspiration, self-progression, holistic health and a sober, astute attitude of balance and moderation in all things, fostered through regular and consistent interaction and communion with Nature.

Biopantheism sympathizes with Animism, Native American culture, Wiccan and Neo-Pagan symbolism and aesthetics, embracing personification, allegory and metaphor, as a poetic way of relating to Nature. This includes any number of rustic, Earth-based rituals, observances and celebrations one may wish to use and incorporate, in order to bring them closer to the elemental forces and powers that exist all around us in the natural world.

With this knowledge, we contemplate our ineffable origins and postulate on what it really means to be human. For us, Nature and the Universe represent the highest source of power, the highest source of intelligence and creativity, and we honor and respect the divinity inherent in all.

His second 2-page essay:

Awareness & Understanding:

Biopantheism first and foremost is about awareness. Awareness of the natural world and our true place within It. We are not above Nature, we are part of Nature, and Nature is a part of us. As many have aptly stated, the earth and everything in it is sacred and we are all connected. The God that so many down through history have mistakenly humanized and worshiped, is really the Universe Itself—or as I choose to call It, the “Omnia.”

Biopantheists see God in everything… in the birds, in the sky, in the trees, in the stars and in all life that exists. This is more than just a fanciful notion, but an actual, biological reality. Likewise, we are part of this divinity; as evolved, sentient beings, we are literally the eyes and ears of the Cosmos, the hands and feet of God. And this ineffable power is everywhere, in the cells of every living thing and in all the multitude of glorious systems that interact with each other and respond to one another as God evolves—that’s right, “God” is evolving. And we are an integral part of that evolution.

In order to understand this, you must understand science, biology and astronomy; these things, more than any religious book, teach us where we came from and where we are going. The awareness I spoke of earlier can come from within, or from an external source. It can be fostered and developed by our study of science and Nature—through microbiology, zoology, human anatomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

We derive our inspiration from the beauty and mystery of Life itself, from the subtle intricacies and magnificent designs of Nature with Its profound order, complexity and dynamic cycles, inexhaustibly rich and filled with wonder… to the incomprehensible age, size and vastness of the Cosmos, with Its unfathomable depths of time and magnitude of scale—inexplicably endowed with such astonishing, spontaneous, self-organizing properties and seemingly infinite power, that stretch the imagination and boggle the mind.

Biopantheism has many things in common with Taoism, Animism, Paganism and other Earth-centered religious traditions, but it does not promote the worship of anything alive or dead—only a solemn reverence, respect and appreciation for Life and the eternal processes that move from chaos to order and then back again. Change is the only constant in existence… and in this way, Biopantheism shares many of its tenets with Buddhism as well.

The earth is sacred and Nature is divine. All Life is precious and we are all connected. There are no supernatural beings, no spiritual world, or fabled afterlife (except in the minds and hearts of those who desperately wish it to be so). Yet this is not a depressing thought or a hopeless view of existence, because this reality is more remarkable and worthy of consideration and reverence than is commonly thought. The Universe Itself is God. Creator and Creation are one in the same… and you are part of a divine legacy that is older, greater, more profound and more inherently meaningful than anything you could ever possibly imagine.

Biopantheism doesn’t believe in a power any higher than Nature. We believe in what exists, in what is real and what is tangible– the Universe, the life-cycles all around us and the internal power and complexity of the natural world. The Laws of Nature and the Universe we inhabit are already filled with such profound intelligence, such awesome mystery and awe-inspiring beauty, we have no need to invent stories of capricious, imaginary gods, or entertain psychologically destructive delusions of far-off heavenly realms, populated by invisible supernatural entities. There is enough wonder and beauty and magic in the real world to keep our minds and our hearts, occupied and enthralled for a veritable lifetime.


“Biopantheism” represents my own form of Pantheism, which is both old and new, scientific as well as spiritual, mystical while at the same time rational, emotional and yet wholly based on sound logic and reason. Ancient and elemental, but still progressive and dynamic. Focusing expressly on the human condition and what is relevant and meaningful in relation to biological organisms and their surrounding ecosystems, we recognize and acknowledge the fundamental truth that the Universe is divine and we are all one.

Not only do we make this extraordinary claim, but we are also ready to verify and confirm this ultimate and profound mystery through science, astronomy, biology, quantum physics, intuition, observation and history. This is a form of Pantheism that centers around Nature, living systems and all of the biological processes of the earth, placing its emphasis on life in the physical world and the application of Pantheistic principles and ethics in a practical, everyday sense, as well as on a much broader, global scale. It asserts that ethics and morality naturally stem from this belief system and contends that for this reason, it should be passionately fostered and promoted.

This teaching is likewise represented and expressed by a profound love of Nature and a perpetual love for the earth, as manifested through altruism, environmentalism, wildlife conservation, religious naturalism and deep ecology. It is this transcendent awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependency of all things, that elicits the deepest feelings of reverence, wonderment and awe, in those who take the time to carefully observe and actively participate, in the many miracles that exist all around them—in the micro-world as well as in the macro. When considered mindfully and examined contemplatively, this awareness can and will, lead to the highest level of ethics and morality attainable.

Driven and motivated by a keen understanding of the true nature of reality, we shine and glow as enlightened beings, illuminating the path for others and encouraging free thought, inquiry, education and the expansion of knowledge. We commune with Nature to elevate our minds and our consciousness, promoting science, evolution and a deep reverence for Life. Working together as one cohesive whole, our goal is to positively influence others and share this message of hope and inspiration with the world. We see the earth and all of her living systems as something sacred and holy, to be cherished and protected forever, even as we cherish and guard our own bodies from destruction and harm.

Observance & Practices:

As far as specific rituals, observances and practices to incorporate into our lives, these may involve anything you choose to do that helps to center and ground your mind, body and spirit and strengthen your relationship to Nature. Likewise, whatever allows you to experience the numinous and connect to your higher self and your own highest ideal. Star-gazing is a common practice among Biopans, as well as hiking, camping, gardening, or anything related to animal care, ecology and time spent in wilderness settings and the outdoors.

Meditation in a quiet, wilderness setting. Strolling along a beach or exploring a forest. Waking up early to watch a glorious sunrise… or similarly, taking time out to watch it set. Practicing stillness, mindfulness, deep breathing and contemplation. Listening to peaceful, life-affirming music or doing yoga. All of these things are wonderful tools to realign your thinking and recharge and refresh yourself (to live in harmony with yourself and with all other sentient life forms is the ultimate goal of Biopantheism).

In terms of specific holidays or observances, many Biopans follow the Pagan tradition of trying to align themselves with the cyclical patterns of Nature, by honoring the solstices and the equinoxes annually and observing the changing seasons with simple, personal and practical rituals to mark and commemorate the passage of spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter and so on. This may involve anything from cleaning your house, to exploring a new hiking trail, or planting a tree… but it should include actively taking part in something that allows you to physically see, smell, taste, touch, hear and really feel the changes in the weather.

There is no worship in Biopan, only a heartfelt desire to live closely to the earth, to respect all organisms and stay in communion with Nature. By modeling our lives after the rhythms and flow of the Life cycles and the seasons, we “tune-in” to the heartbeat of God and effectively purify ourselves from all negative and destructive patterns of thinking. By observing Nature closely, we remain humble and aware of our personal relationship to everything else on the planet.

Biopantheists seek only harmony and balance, peace and equanimity—as these things are vital and necessary, in order to unify ourselves and progress and evolve as a species. To flourish and thrive, to co-exist and sustain ourselves in order to live up to our fullest potential– this is the goal and the motivation of all Biopantheists everywhere and the purpose of this, “meta-religion.”

Join us, as we celebrate Life, the invaluable lessons It has to teach us and the profound wisdom derived from assiduous study of the natural world. Motivated by compassion, compelled by reason and convicted by science, with a profound and inexplicable desire to connect with the indomitable and fragile Omnia, we ritually commemorate the seasons, respectfully learn from the past, amiably look forward to the future and wholeheartedly embrace the present.

Meaningfully, passionately and reverently, we honor the ineffable “All” and acknowledge the wondrous diversity and complexity, within the similitude of our differentiated, collective Being. Striving ever and always to evolve and progress, in order to develop a deeper and more inspired awareness of the divine Whole.

This is our Source, this is our Life, this is Who we are!

Poffo Ortiz-pantheist-profile pic
By Poffo Ortiz


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