Three Main Reasons to Become a Vegan


I just celebrated my first year anniversary, on April 30th, for becoming a vegan in 2017, and I think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I definitely look forward to many more years to come as a happy, healthy vegan.

Most of what we have been told for decades, in terms of what we should be eating to be healthy, is actually the complete opposite. Even top nutritionists have been misled or outright lied to by those claiming to be experts on the subject, involving bogus studies and misinterpreted experiments, mainly due to the profit-driven motives of the animal food industries who make billions each year.

Leading scientists and nutritionists are now realizing that the consumption of animal-based products, such as meat, dairy, and eggs are linked to most illnesses, diseases, and cancers. There is a huge wealth of information, provided by multiple reliable studies and experiments, that clearly reveals three main reasons why we should all become vegans and eat a strictly plant-based diet.

1. Eating animal-based products is extremely detrimental to your health.

Poor Health-Doctor

The top 15 leading causes of death in the United States and in most other developed countries have been scientifically linked to the consumption of animal-based products. The complete list of illnesses, diseases and cancers is too long to go into now as well as the health benefits that come with minimizing or entirely removing those type of foods, but know there is a great deal of evidence that shows a person who lives strictly on a plant-based diet is far more healthier, stronger, and will live longer and better fight off cancers and even reverse many illnesses and diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, ED, inflammatory bowel diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease) just to name a few. A vegan diet has also proven to greatly alleviate ADD and ADHD and to help one overcome severe drug addictions in far less time.

Source: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death (YouTube video lecture by Dr. Greger)

The meat and dairy and egg industries have paid millions and even billions over the decades to push the false view that we need these unhealthy food products to live and thrive. They have fooled and/or collaborated with top universities, researchers, nutritionists, publishers, TV shows, and websites to lie to consumers and to suppress the truth; that all our nutritional needs can be gained strictly from a plant-based diet and that animal-based products are in fact bad for us, for the animals, and for our planet.

2. Eating animal-based products is extremely detrimental to the environment.



Factory farming is one of the main causes of Green House Gases which is scientifically believed to be the leading cause of Global Warming. Mass breeding of livestock is also the main cause of deforestation all over the planet which has reach an alarming unsustainable rate! Currently, to have enough land to grow enough grain to feed all the mass-bred livestock and to graze them, 1 acre of forest is being cut down every second! More and more land is needed each year, because the human population is exploding and so is their appetite for meat, dairy, and eggs.

Factory farming of animals consumes intolerable amounts of freshwater. As Rachel Curit from One Green Planet explains, “Meat, dairy, and eggs require more water to “produce” than any other food out there. Farmed animals eat 70% of the grains and cereals grown in the United States and those grains have to be watered to grow! In fact, it takes 100 calories of grain to produce three calories worth of beef. And it requires 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat. According to the American Meat Institute itself, in 2012 America produced 26 billion pounds of beef. So it took roughly 65 trillion gallons of water to produce beef in 2012. And that is just beef. Fortunately, each one of us can make a huge impact by simply rethinking our diet. Just imagine if everyone cut their meat consumption by one-third. If you eat one-third less meat, then you use one-third less water. We could go even further and cut our meat consumption in half and the impact would be that much greater. The truth is, whether you decide to eat less meat or you abstain from it all together, we all can make a big difference on our individual water footprint with the power of our forks and knives.”

“By choosing to eat more plant-based foods, you can drastically cut your carbon footprint, save precious water supplies and help ensure that vital crop resources are fed to people, rather than livestock. With the wealth of available plant-based options available, it has never been easier to eat with the planet in mind.”

Source: One Green Planet

3. Eating animal-based products is extremely cruel to animals, given how they are routinely raised and slaughtered.

I almost didn’t include the link to the documentary titled, “Earthlings,” which shows hidden camera footage of what all takes place in the lives of these animals (how they are cruelly raised, terribly treated, and then horribly slaughtered), because I think the content is way too strong and dark for most people’s minds to psychologically handle. I couldn’t watch it all, myself. I had no idea this was going on or even legal. Just know it is very cruel, very dark, and very inhumane!

Ever since I went vegan, my health has dramatically improved well beyond any placebo effect (I had been struggling with a severe digestive illness for over 10 years) and my freshwater and carbon footprint has been greatly reduced, which should help our planet, and of course I’m saving the lives and ill treatment of animals. So I definitely prefer the vegan way and still have no desires to turn back. I owe a strong debt of gratitude and thanks to three vegan friends who helped to open my eyes with knowledge and wisdom and, thus, inspired me to go vegan. They are, drum roll, Poffo OrtizAngie Dilaj, and Chandler Klebs. Thanks you guys! You helped to change my life for the better and likely helped to save it!

Below, is a list of some very good documentaries that could help change your whole view on what you should and shouldn’t be eating in order to maximize your health and the health of the planet (animal-based foods vs plant-based foods). I listed them in the order I recommend.

  1. Forks over Knives – discusses many of the unhealthy aspects of an animal-based diet as well as the healthy benefits of a plant-based diet (available on Netflix).
  2. Food Choices – another really good documentary discussing many of the health benefits of a plant-based diet and much of the harm an animal-based diet causes to your health and to the planet (available on Netflix).
  3. Cowspiracy – this documentary mainly discusses the harm factory farming is doing to the environment and our planet (available on Netflix).
  4. What The Health – discusses much of the corruption by the meat, dairy, and egg industries who over the decades have infiltrated all the main government regulatory agencies meant to protect us the consumers and our health, such as The American Cancer Association (ACA), American Heart Association (AHA), The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA), and The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), by inserting their own hired members where there is major conflicts of interests–profits before people (this may still be available on YouTube but keeps getting removed).
  5. Food, Inc. – also discusses corruption and legal bullying by those powerful food corporations at the top (available on Netflix).
  6. Earthlings hidden cameras were snuck into slaughter houses to show the horrible nightmarish condition animals are raised in and how they’re slaughtered. If your mind and stomach are strong enough, you can watch it for free by clicking this link,
  7. The Gerson Miracle – discusses a very effective natural therapy and cure for cancer and most chronic diseases. It was discovered many years ago in 1928 by a doctor named Max Gerson who lived to the age of 117, but was suppressed and even made illegal to practice in the United States. Gerson discovered that the two main causes of most cancers and diseases are toxin overloads and nutrient deficiencies. The therapy is essentially a vegan diet involving lots of organic juicing and detoxing your body, which has been clinically shown to be extremely effective in fighting off many diseases, illnesses, and even aggressive cancers. To find this documentary, go to or simply type in the title within YouTube’s search engine. You can also find a lot of good information on Dr. Max Gerson and his daughter Charlotte Gerson, who has continued her father’s work by Googling his or her name.
  8. DRAMATIC NEWS FROM CHARLOTTE GERSON – a very good video of Charlotte Gerson (Dr. Max Gerson’s daughter) discussing the Gerson Therapy and healthy eating at the 2012 Health and Healing Crusade. To watch it, go to

YouTube Video Clips (mostly 5-10 mins long)

Meat and Dairy Gives You Diabetes!
Vegan Blood Kills Cancer
Cause and Cure?: Ulcerative Colitis
The Starch Solution – John McDougall MD
Inspiration | 102 Years Young
Dr OZ Says Vegan Is The Big Movement of 2017
How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet
How to Prevent Deficiencies on a Vegan Diet
Diet Debunked: The Ketogenic Diet
Antinutrients: The Dark Side of Plants?

Good YouTube Channels on Veganism

Mic. The Vegan –
VegSource –
Happy Healthy Vegan –
John McDougall –
Veggie Channel –
BonnyRebecca –
The Vegan Activist –

Good Vegan Websites

The Natural Human Diet

Common Anti-Vegan Arguments

A response to typical comments vegans hear from non-vegans

Gerson Institute –

I’m fairly confident at this point, after watching these documentaries and video clips and after reading countless articles, that veganism is the diet and lifestyle of the future! People of the future will look back on meat and dairy consumption the way we currently look back on the times when people routinely smoked cigarettes. Studies show that you can likely extend your life 40 or more years by becoming a vegan. Another way to put it is you could dramatically shorten your life by not becoming a vegan, it’s your choice, but I strongly recommend that you go vegan. Please do it for your own health, for the animals, and for our planet. You can make a difference!



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I am one among many, but at the same time, I am unique and alone. I am a reflection of all that which surrounds me and all that deep within. I am a perceiving mind in human form. I am a metaphor for life itself, a representative of all things, and I am doing as the universe dictates. I am the forever traveler who wonders upon all grounds at all times. Though, I rest upon a rock that never moves. I am the infinite, cosmic tree, whose branches and roots never end, whose fruit is uncountable. I am the personification of The Forever All. In short, I am an artist, writer, philosopher, pantheist, and centrist, who hopes to make a positive change in the world.
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