Master Jedi Knight Yoda Star Wars Action Figure Product Review

Just a Product Review I did on a Yoda Action Figure I recently purchased off of Amazon. So for all you Star Wars fans, enjoy!

Okay, I really want to give a product review on this ‘loose’ Master Jedi Knight Yoda Star Wars action figure I recently purchased off of Amazon. It’s a really high quality, detailed resin figure for a really good price, and I even got free shipping on it. And it actually looks like the original Yoda, unlike many other resin figures, which is often the case with any resin or action figure depicting a certain well known character. But this one looks like the classic Yoda from the original episodes of the early 80’s, which is the Yoda I prefer, mainly since that’s the Yoda I grew up on.

It’s about 12 cm or 4 ½ inches tall. His cloak is made of actual cloth that was sewn together. It has a lot of bendable areas like the arms and legs (but the legs don’t move independently) and waist for positioning his posture and stance. At first I thought his head didn’t move side-to-side but it does. At first, I had to really put some muscle into moving it out of place. It may have been some dried paint or finish that had caused it to be a little stuck at first. But once I was able to twist it, then it became easier to move back and forth.

Now for some reason, his fingernails and toenails were painted glossy orange, which I hated. Yoda doesn’t have orange fingernails in any of the movies, not in the classic episodes or any of the newer ones. So that was the only downside. But I easily fixed it by sanding and painting his nails with some acrylic paint, which I show how to do in the video. I also show how I added some gray hairs onto his head, using Poly-Fibers, for added realism.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing this same figure, it was listed on Amazon as the following:

12cm Star Wars Jedi Knight Master Yoda Action Figure Collection toys

Sold by Global Good Service (formally known as GlobalHappy), in new condition for $11.99 dollars and free shipping, which is not too bad for this high quality action figure. This action figure may currently be unavailable from this particular seller, but there are several others online selling them for about the same price.

It also arrived at my door rather quickly, like in four to five days, so that was an added plus! But I can’t guarantee you’ll get yours that fast if you order one. It all depends on who you order it from.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do a traditional “unboxing” segment, because all he came in was this bubble wrap inside this white envelope (hence the name ‘loose’ action figure).

Now the reason I may have gotten him so cheap is because I think it was made in China. I didn’t know that when I had ordered him. But later on, when I looked at the packaging, I noticed it said “China Post.” But had I known, I would have looked for another vendor, because I’m always concerned about the possible harsh working conditions their workers face while making American products like the possibility of underage children working in sweatshops and so forth. I also don’t want to support the outsourcing of American jobs, so I usually first try to buy things locally unless I just can’t find a product in my city, state, or country. But if this does come from an American company that has set up shop over in China in order to avoid all the proper regulations and paying their fair share of taxes then shame on you!

*I did some more research and learned that this is from a 2015 loose action figure series put out by Disney. And yes, unfortunately made in China–darn!

*To find it, use these key words on Google, Amazon, or Ebay: 12cm Loose Disney Yoda Toy Star Wars Jedi Action Figure.

Anyway, I really love this little guy. It’s one of the best things I’ve purchased in a good while.


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