My Responses to the Six Ridiculous Conundrums of Socialism by the Far Right

Here are my responses to the six ridiculous conundrums of socialism authored by the far right:

1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.

Yes, America is dominantly capitalistic and the Americans with all the wealth, power, and influence are very greedy. Also, compared to most other countries, Americans, in general, are very greedy and have been raised by the American system to be greedy and selfish as though that’s a good thing. It’s not!

First and foremost, it’s important to explain to all readers that half of the American population is not being ‘significantly’ supported by the government, in terms of a living wage. Most subsidies do not go towards non-productive citizens who contribute nothing back into the system. That is a major misdirection and misconception! I’m familiar with these type of statistics that are designed to fool the public and existing supporters like YouTuber Rich Ahlgrim. Let me briefly explain this particular misdirection by the far right. If a citizen receives just one dollar from the government, even if that dollar is paid back in reasonable time, then he or she is statistically included as a recipient of government subsidies. Most of the money supplied by the government, which mainly comes from the hard working middle class anyway and hardly from the top wealthy few, to those in true need leads to economic growth. For example, when a student receives a government grant to finish college, he or she can then enter into the work force with a better wage and add to our nation’s revenue instead of becoming a strain on it. On the other hand, large corporations rake in millions upon millions from government grants, which they don’t even need, but again, this can help boost the economy and create jobs if only they would spend it wisely and are willing. Sadly, corporations hide much of their wealth in offshore accounts, outsource American jobs to other countries to circumvent the minimum wage laws and regulations, and simply do not return their government aid in equal magnitude compared to the collective middle class who are very effective at improving the economy in order to survive! The reason why many Americans are being subsidized by the government is because of the ineffectiveness of capitalism. If you think all these subsidies are due to laziness, then you are very naïve! Please review the statistics on this. Most recipients receiving government aid work full time. Many have two or three jobs and work all day long and don’t have adequate time to raise their children, who later grow up to become a burden and a threat to society. It can be a lasting domino effect. The top wealthy few kink the circulation of money. Most of the wealth is at the top in the pockets of those who haven’t truly earned it! Don’t blame the band aid for causing the wound! If the top wealthy elite would actually create more jobs and pay their employees what they deserve to be paid, and in many cases what minimum wage should be to provide a proper living wage, the government wouldn’t have to come in to rescue them. What a lot of people fail to realize is that large companies and farmland owners receive huge subsidies, as well as huge tax breaks. The biggest irony is that red states usually take in far more government grants than blue states–look it up. What hypocrites! Another huge irony is that it’s not even the wealthy who are mainly paying for these subsidies! The middle class is left with that burden!

2. Half the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.

Half the population are victims, regardless of what little help they’re able to get from the government! They are victims of a system that doesn’t work! They constantly struggle each day and live in fear and pain and misery. If you believe otherwise, you are very naïve. It’s also extremely stressful and humiliating to live on government aid. They would much rather have the dignity of a decent fair paying job!

3. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government

Actually, that is completely false! Our government is run by two parties who are constantly fighting one another. Even when Democrats dominate both the Senate and the House, far right wing crazyies always find ways to hold government and the country hostage until they get their way. They are constantly watering down policies and pulling everything that is good down to the ground. Democrats are too often being forced by Republicans on the far right to implement Republican policies instead of their own. But all you have to do is look at the economic charts that are available online to see that every time Democrats control congress, in spite of all the obstructions by the Republicans, the economy always improves; debt goes down (sometimes to the point of a surplus), non-public employment goes up, consumer spending increases, crime goes down, and economic growth occurs. And yes, there is a price to pay to repair all the economic damage that the greedy capitalists and far right Republicans effing caused. Unfortunately, tax dollars has to be shifted towards those repairs. Just imagine how low taxes could be for everyone if capitalists and those on the far right would just stop messing everything up! The exact opposite happens when Republicans control congress. Long story short, everything gets worse! The economy tanks!

4. Their representatives run the government – Yet the poor keep getting poorer

This is also incorrect for the reasons I gave for the 3rd statement and because the middle class and the poor pretty much remain stagnant, while the top wealthy elite keep getting richer. There are multiple, reliable, statistical charts that show this. Please google them! Can you not see a serious problem with that picture?! However, more and more people are going from the lower wealthy classes to the middle class with no hope of upward mobility. This trend has to stop!

5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things people in other countries only dream about.

Again, the poor, on an overall large scale, do not keep getting poorer. Although, the middle class is growing thanks to the selfish greed of those at the top who find ways to hire fewer people to do more work for far less money! The fact that we Americans, including our poor, have it better than most other countries, compared to their poor, still does not excuse the badly designed system we live under. We can and should be doing far better. Don’t let our comparative status justify our dysfunctional system or cause you to turn a blind eye. The reason why Americans are doing comparatively better is because we have a mixed economy with socialized mechanisms in place. If we had been a completely free market system without any regulations and without any government aid whatsoever, this nation would have completely fallen long ago. I promise you!

6. They have things people in other countries only dream about – yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

There are certain attributes and government mechanisms that other countries have, such as better healthcare systems that provide more care for far less, and better regulations in place that prevent market corruption, which we Americans should adopt. As I explained in my essay and video titled, Capitalism vs Socialism–A Balanced Approach, “Money and financial profits should NOT be the only measure of a nation’s worth.” There is a price our nation pays for being so wealthy (not evenly or fairly distributed) compared to other nations and that is the loss of our nation’s moral soul! When foreigners think of America, they too often think of it as a bad word. For valid reasons, ‘America’ has become synonymous with words like greedy, selfish, shallow, spoiled, egoic, fat, stupid, and corrupt. I hate to say it, but in many ways they’re right. Those from other countries are less greedy in nature, more compassionate, less stressed out, and are better developed human beings in ways that matter. Please learn that concept! Most Americans are over stressed, overworked, under paid, and grow up to become egoic assholes! Trust me, unregulated ownership and unregulated markets with absolutely no government assistance whatsoever DOESN’T WORK!


About Guyus Seralius

I am one among many, but at the same time, I am unique and alone. I am a reflection of all that which surrounds me and all that deep within. I am a perceiving mind in human form. I am a metaphor for life itself, a representative of all things, and I am doing as the universe dictates. I am the forever traveler who wonders upon all grounds at all times. Though, I rest upon a rock that never moves. I am the infinite, cosmic tree, whose branches and roots never end, whose fruit is uncountable. I am the personification of The Forever All. In short, I am an artist, writer, philosopher, pantheist, and centrist, who hopes to make a positive change in the world.
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