Why Most of Us Love Halloween – My Vampire Fangs and Manson Contact Lenses


06-2014-09-26 18-43-14.593-Alt

I’ve always felt that there should really be two different dress-up holidays. One that is meant to be strictly scary and one that is meant to be what we would aspire to be or have fun being. I’m not sure I like seeing cute little fairy princesses or cute anime characters on Halloween. Halloween is meant to be scary. Halloween originated from Hallows’ Eve when we were meant to remember the dead and dress up to scare away the evil spirits. But I accept it for now, since we don’t have a dress up holiday, yet.

Dressing up dates as far back as early primitive man. Tribes have used makeup and masks to celebrate special traditional events and to tell stories.

Tribal Collage

Just as the ancient Greeks did in their time.

Ancient Greek Plays-King Oedipus Rex

It may enhance social gatherings.

Crystal Ball-Alt

Dressing up just seems to be an innate part of the human condition. So we need a special holiday set aside where you can dress up to be anything you want whether it’s scary or not. Although there is Cosplay , Comic Con, and other costume parties, which do help to serve that need. But still, we need it to be on an actual holiday. And it needs to be the type of holiday where kids get the school day off or it doesn’t count. Let me just go ahead and declare a new holiday for dressing up as anything you want, called Cosplay Day or Costume Play Day. And it needs to take place on a coldish season, because most costumes involve a lot of clothing; I mean it would be hard to play dress up in the middle of June. How about at the opposite spot on the seasonal wheel from Halloween, the last day of April or perhaps a mirrored reflection of the seasonal wheel making it in the beginning of May. The weather is still nice and nippy and fresh. Who knows, maybe one day it will catch on.

Seasonal Wheel-by Guyus Seralius

Happy Halloween!


About Guyus Seralius

I am one among many, but at the same time, I am unique and alone. I am a reflection of all that which surrounds me and all that deep within. I am a perceiving mind in human form. I am a metaphor for life itself, a representative of all things, and I am doing as the universe dictates. I am the forever traveler who wonders upon all grounds at all times. Though, I rest upon a rock that never moves. I am the infinite, cosmic tree, whose branches and roots never end, whose fruit is uncountable. I am the personification of The Forever All. In short, I am an artist, writer, philosopher, pantheist, and centrist, who hopes to make a positive change in the world.
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