How to Play “Sadness and Sorrow” on the Recorder Flute-Naruto

A short video on how to play the song used in the Naruto series, “Sadness and Sorrow,” on the recorder flute. Please excuse the poor audio, I forgot to change my older default mic to my newer high-tech one. I had to pick out the notes by ear, so it may not be one hundred percent, dead-on accurate, but hopefully it’s close enough for you to learn and enjoy.

If you’re interested in the sheet music I created for “Sadness and Sorrow,” you may view it and download it for free by clicking the following link: Sadness and Sorrow (Flute)


About Guyus Seralius

I am one among many, but at the same time, I am unique and alone. I am a reflection of all that which surrounds me and all that deep within. I am a perceiving mind in human form. I am a metaphor for life itself, a representative of all things, and I am doing as the universe dictates. I am the forever traveler who wonders upon all grounds at all times. Though, I rest upon a rock that never moves. I am the infinite, cosmic tree, whose branches and roots never end, whose fruit is uncountable. I am the personification of The Forever All. In short, I am an artist, writer, philosopher, pantheist, and centrist, who hopes to make a positive change in the world.
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