Feeding The Poor With Community Gardens

This was an idea I posted on GlobalDemocracy.com under the category “Society.”

Eden Rainforest Biodome

Eden Rainforest Biodome

We, the citizens of every community of every nation, should voluntarily pool our resources together to create a community garden, green house, and orchard, where fruits and vegetables and herbs and spices can be cultivated, grown, and harvested by the very ones in need of food, free of charge. If such a community project struggles, due to a lack of volunteers and resources, then we should encourage a public community garden, green house, and orchard center for those in need, as well as operated by those in need, at the local, municipal, government level. In other words, it may be necessary to get local governments to supply the land and to initiate the project. But I’m confident that once the project gets going, it would be sustained and well maintained by those in need and, therefore, should not become a burden on local governments.

Dell Garden

The Dell Garden, Bressingham, Norfolk – View of flint bridge built by Alan Bloom GAP Photos/Richard Bloom

It could also help to beautify a community and create a scenic place to walk through. I should also reinforce the idea that this community garden center is meant to feed only the poor, so as not to interfere with local businesses who sell these same food items to those who can afford them. The food items from these communal gardens would not exactly be a handout. Ideally, the poor would do all they can, in most cases, to earn the food they take. This center would hopefully serve as a helping hand for those who are truly in need until they can get back on their feet. This would help every community truly ‘blossom’ quite well.


The French Garden at Duke Gardens


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